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From The Beginning

With veganism and mindful living being key components of chef Dominique Kirkpatrick's lifestyle, she combined her passions and from that, Vegan Invasion was created in 2016.


 It started with local pop-ups and participating in vegan festivals. Then she welcomed her meal prep and catering services to the community. With much success, as her business grew, so did her vision. 


In 2018 she collaborated with her business partner, Fanny Bernard. Together, they conceptualized Arizona's first vegan hot dog cart. Or as they refer to it NOT-DOG cart. Which became a raving success around the valley.


The biggest success for chef Dominique Kirkpatrick was the compliments she received after releasing new menus. Her loyal client base was her constant inspiration to continue created for the needs of the community. 


After welcoming the meal prep and catering aspect of Vegan Invasion, inquiries flooded her inbox requesting live cooking demonstrations. With her experience of transitioning to a vegan lifestyle, she knew the challenges that came with it.  


With that insight, she found a new way to bring even more to her clients and community. She is now one of the few vegan chef's in the valley that offers private group and one on one cooking classes and shows. 


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